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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Greetings, and Reflections

Hello my dear readers! I hope you all are doing well. Yes, I know, July is right before us and June has barely passed.
I “survived” another year of teaching which makes up year 2 of this grand adventure. I am nearing on year 3 come this September. It has been a good year, full of growth in many different ways besides staying busy of course with lesson planning, grading, prep, extra curricular adventures, eating, and the all
important- attending Mass.

This last year I was mainly teaching the same things as last year though I was involved with the Yearbook as a faculty adviser and also heavily involved with this year’s Spring Play- The Learned Ladies by French playwright, Moliere. I was in charge of the art portion of the play. I helped design the backdrop. Stage makeup was done by several assistants and myself. I really liked the makeup portion. Many of the characters had to look advanced in years or aristocratic which entailed the stage makeup to be unique. Thanks to our patient Director, the play was a resounding success.

Two of my co-workers who are friends married each other earlier this June and I was honored take pictures for them. They make such a good couple. Their courtship has been an inspiration to me and I hope I am blessed with a relationship like theirs- God willing.

I am staying busy this summer by working in an environment I am familiar with. The summer here is actually quite nice right now. I got myself a fitbit and it tells me things like how many steps I've walked in a day and how that is translated to miles, or more interestingly, the quality of sleep that apparently has not been up to par, according to fitbit, but we'll see.

This last October I turned 25- halfway to 50 or ¼ of a century or however my readers want to describe it. I don’t really know what to make of it. It kind of feels the same way when I turned 21, which is similar to-- I-made-it-to-this-stage-of-life-what-now? There comes a point where one decides to embrace their age and the make the best of it which actually helps with accepting that one does grow older, though throughout teaching one tends towards child-likeness (hopefully) which isn’t a bad thing compared to childishness.

In Scripture, it is said that we must become like children though I never really understood what those words meant. 

Children are naturally happy and excited about life, they are always looking forward to activities and learning with a trusting, believing, pure and loving heart. As we grow older and have more life experience (some good and some not so good), and acquire predisposed "peerage" ways of being, I think teens lose or ignore these attributes as time goes on and when one becomes fully grown as an adult, these are forgotten or lost entirely. 

 How else can we be like children that Jesus loves and cherishes? All He really asks for is our trust, love, and belief and we are not always generous in giving them to Him due to circumstances that jade these simple virtues and of course sin hampers our generosity.

 These attributes aren’t exclusive but over time they were noticed during teaching and being around the kids. I am really convinced that these are what Scripture means for us to acquire because after all, our salvation depends on it. 

"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma."

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