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Thursday, February 9, 2017

7 Benefits of Hiking

Image result for hikingHiking is an enjoyable sport that almost anyone can participate in. The only thing different between hiking and walking is that hiking is usually considered being out in nature or in natural surroundings. It can be done solo or with others, though personally, solo is better.



The 7 benefits of hiking:

1. Exercises and strengthens the body

2. Reduces and manages stress, clears the mind

3. Strengthens the mind

4. Builds confidence and assurance

5. Being outside in nature is therapeutic

6. Meet interesting people and see beautiful things

7. Discover things about yourself you really never knew

 You are ready to let yourself go
To find yourself
Wandering willfully while wanting
Wandering, wandering

Over hills, across rocks, under stars
Beneath the noonday and midnight sun
Up mountains, along streams
Trekking soulfully along unfamiliar ground
Wandering, wandering

Feathered and flightless friends await
Dauntless peaks are resolute
Strap on your boots, grab your bag
For those who wander are not lost.


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