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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Server Point of View

Wait staff deal with guests who have interesting dining habits and annoying and rude personas. To make your next dining experience a good one and not to make your server hate you, here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind.
  • Please be kind and patient when a server is servicing your table. Servers are usually under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress which may account for occasionally having "bad days", especially when it is busy and when they have many tables to service at once. I can't be everything to everyone all at once.
  • Please practice manners and dining etiquette. I have often seen guests who appear rich and well-off but practice terrible etiquette and bad people skills. Hand snapping and being a pseudo bad boy customer doesn't appeal to me.
  • Please adjust yourself accordingly when a server is placing your plate on the table. Your server doesn't want to go through you to place your plate on the table.
  • Please tip when you excessively compliment a server's service. No server hates it more when a couple or a family spends $100 or more on food and then receives a minimal tip with lots of praise. If you can afford that much in food you can afford to tip. TIPS stand for To Insure Proper Service. Always try to tip servers even to those who are not that good. Sounds contradictory to tip someone who does a mediocre job, but they still are providing you a service and a little tip every now and then boosts the person's confidence and performance in their job.
  • Do not talk on the cellphone when a server is taking your order- it is highly rude and inconsiderate. I have other tables and guests to wait on. I don't have time to stand there and wait until you are done jawing on the phone.
  • If you want to eat in an establishment please make sure your entire party is there together all at once. One person trickling in every 10 minutes, is a nightmare.
  • Do not let children have free range of the restaurant. You may think it is cute that she is trying to walk, but to the employees it is a liability waiting to happen. I like kids, but I hate unruly ones. Also, please don't turn the restaurant into a playpen where it's obvious you have no control over your kids eating habits.
  • Do not place your highly valued cell phone, tablet, or laptop on the table- it makes a server's job 10x harder. The table is already cluttered enough and your Ipad is right in the way of your wine glass.
  • If you don't want anymore water, don't drink anymore or better, just say so. Yes, I clearly understand your wishes to have no more water when you keep draining your glass.
  • Do not play music with your glasses by rubbing the rim of the glass. It is highly annoying to others. Do it at home to your heart's content.
  • Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
  • Do not come in 5 minutes before the establishment closes and then stay 2 hours after. Employees want to go home and enjoy somewhat of an evening before it is a new day.

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