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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Away Up Yonder

-The week of August 17th
Dear readers, the title is fitting because I am indeed “Away Up Yonder.” I “moved” to a town in the Upper-Midwest of the US this past week. This adventure of sorts is different for me than other activities I had been involved with in the past, namely living and working protractedly in another place other than in the West. I am leaving out the exact locations for privacy concerns, although I am open to discussing my new job. 
I will be working as a Floating Teacher for grades 1st-6th   in a Catholic school and will be picking up various subjects for each homeroom teacher of those grades. It will definitely be a different occupation than from what I am used to. I am happy that it is not too far from my Customer Service skill set, but yet so different. I am nervous, excited, thrilled and exhilarated by this new stage in my life.

 -September 5th, 2015
I survived the first week of school. I laugh at myself for being so paranoid about how things will go. I have a tendency to worry about the effects of something before it actually happens. Believe it or not, the first day turned out really well, as well as the subsequent days. Teaching seems so natural to me, at least I think it does. My colleagues and boss are great to work with and for. I’ve been so conscious of being prepared that when it came for this or for that class, it was essentially a breeze, in terms of administering the lesson and managing the flow of the class.
 Let’s see if I can say the same thing in 6 months.  

-September 13th, 2015
Today is my dad’s 60th birthday!!! A massive shout out of wishes to my dad!! I love you, more than you know. 
I Skyped with my family and “celebrated” his birthday that way. I can’t imagine him being 60, he doesn’t look that old at all! Ah, such is fleeting the passage of time.

Pretty soon, I’ll be 4/16 of a hundredth-year-old, and I can get to call Neil Young’s song, Old Man, my own. And A*hem, Jeff, you can’t always claim this song to be yours! :)

  The restaurant Owner (?) had taken this picture of  the faculty and Admins. during the Teacher Meeting before school started.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Liberating Iraq

The founder of this organization was profiled on the Mark Levin Show. If it's endorsed by Mark during his actual air time, then it must be very important! 
There are countless atrocities being done daily to Catholics and Christians alike in the Middle East, which are not reported on by the media.

"Since ISIS took over Mosul, Iraq, thousands of women and children most of which are Yazidis and Christians have been brutally raped, abused, and sold as sex slaves. Whilst they are in captivity, they are being malnourished and are living in extremely inhumane conditions, being forced to sleep in cages at night."
 - Liberating

Let us help by donating to assist in giving freedom to these children. I donated. - for more information. - to donate.

I challenge you to donate too! If we can afford costly phone and cable TV plans, gasoline money, new clothes, etc.... We can afford at least to 'ransom the captives.'  It's an act of charity if you will.

It's a harsh reality, but we can help make a difference. 

Please share and tell all you know!

Crater Lake NP Promo Videos

Please take a moment and enjoy the natural beauty of this great lake and park. 
I worked here for 4 seasons and they were the best of my life. 
Nothing can compare with the rustic charm, immense solitude and mystique that this area offers. It holds a special place in my heart.
Enjoy the videos! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Are We Like The Ants?

Dear Readers,

In my last couple of postings, I briefly wrote about a book I recently read- ZOO by James Patterson. In a different annotation, not in terms of a thriller novel and at the present time, there seems to be a "zoo" plot of its own emerging in today’s society. 
If one keeps up with daily happenings and proceedings, one can get the general feeling there is a certain amount of tension, or anxiety intensifying in this country. From anti-police riots to the homosexual agenda sweeping the nation, we are in for quite a ride.

Principally, I am speaking about the anti-police riots, gay agenda, anti-Confederate flag, and what other offending thing, or fad ruling is prevalent at the given moment. When there are uprisings, either anti-police, anti-establishment, or bigotry disturbances, the most common type of rioters are the poor, seemingly oppressed, and rebel “peace-love-tolerance lovers”.

 These protesters, are fueled by racial, and or bigot rage wrought upon by the select influential few. This recaps the point made in the Patterson novel:  The animals blindly follow their abnormal instinctual behaviour, resulting from a mixture of outside sources.

Take this example and apply it to the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, and other forms of brutality directed towards police these last few months. I am sure that there are abuses that happen within police departments, but destroying a city to protest such things do not impress anyone to believe in and which to further their “cause”. It just means that they can act silly as an unruly child towards their parents.

Another prime example to note is the ‘across the board’ gay marriage ruling.
In another post, which you can read here, but I’ll share a part of it:

American culture screams tolerance towards these alternative lifestyles. While these "groups" maintain their "right" to free-speech and to other "implied freedoms", this debacle is hypocritical in nature. Whenever a Catholic politician, Christian business owner, citizen, etc. upholds their Godly convictions publicly, they are blasted as being hate-mongering, racist, a bigot, intolerant…”
I don’t know what is more ironic, or illogical? Many mainstream individuals don’t want religion interfering with their personal freedoms, more importantly of one who can love, or not love, and how one participates in it. BUT, they’ll graciously have the all-almighty American Government to decree and secure these “rights”. It’s another example of the State controlling the lives of its citizens, if ever so overtly. 

One last point I would like to make is the Confederate Flag fiasco. I didn’t know a flag could anger so many people. The most racial tension began when our beloved President Obama began talking cleverly about racial bigotry and insinuating motives for these “police brutalities," and the “oppressed” minorities. Haven’t my readers noticed that he is quite clever in speech? He appeals to many. 
The people are easily swayed by passing opinions, as a dandelion is swayed by the wind.

The sign of a wound healing is by not picking at it or digging deeper, but letting it heal and applying salve to it. Obama is a race baiter, and he is picking at the unfavorable wound more and more, causing more hurt, more pain, and more infection, which is indeed spreading rapidly throughout the body. 
That is why American Society has so much racial trepidation these days, not to mention other worries. Whites are pitted against African-Americans and vice versa. The common American is pitted against each other. Time-honored values are scoffed by the status quo. 
Traditional marriage (i.e. 1 man and 1 woman) is evermore cheapened by a Supreme Court Ruling, and mocked by its hypocritical constituents. Anything goes

Apparently it is more important to enforce the “rights” for gays and lesbians, and to abolish the Confederate Flag than it is to protect America’s sovereignty and morality. Are we that insane?

The Catholic Church is made to look like a fool. God is mocked. God-fearing folks are persecuted in deviant ways. We have a Pope who is a Marxist environmentalist. 
The promotion of a selfish, narcissistic, and self-gratifying way of thinking is currently happening.

Why are we blindly following the status quo? Have we become lemmings and sheep, dumbed down by our own folly?

No restraint. No self-control. No soberness. No sanity. No thinking. No accountability. No responsibility. No God.

Do what YOU want. Do what makes YOU happy. If it doesn’t affect ME, I don’t care what YOU do. Do what makes YOU feel good. I can marry who I want. I can love who I want. I can act how I want.

I don’t need any rules.

 I am free!

The slogan of today. 
The dream of the death spiral. The ants I saw once in Costa Rica. There was a circle in the sand. The squirming black whirlpool. Thousands and thousands of ants, all running together in an endless circle. Blindly, they follow each other, each one locked onto the pheromone trail of the ant in front of him. Running themselves in circles, circles. Running themselves to death. A closed loop. A snake biting its tail. A symbol of futility. Locked in their loop, the ants run around and around in circles-desperate, stupid, doomed."

 - James Patterson, Zoo

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jurassic World

Having been a fan of the Jurassic Park movies, I was a bit skeptical and concerned if Jurassic World would deviate from the charm of the magical greatness which the Jurassic Park movies originally emanated.
Only one of the original cast came to reprise their role, a Mr. Henry Wu who was the chief geneticist of InGen. The movie-goer may recognize him, but he is much older in this film. Jimmy Fallon also stars in this movie and also as himself.
Being an enthusiast of Sam Neil, I was hoping he would reprise his role as the archaeologist with "common sense", but it looks like Chris Pratt somehow reprises Neil's unruly, enigmatic and debonair character, as Velociraptor trainer/expert -Owen Grady.
I like Chris Pratt as an actor. His debut in Guardians of the Galaxy, reeled me into his "bad-ass" and chivalrous character portrayal. However, he did an OK pseudo-reprisal of Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic World, whether that was intentional, is left up to speculation.

There is the side story of Claire's visiting nephews who come with the all too common family drama, and the seemingly cooler, but rude and distant older brother, versus the kid-brother. Somehow it takes almost being eaten to really appreciate your family and to disconnect from the "online" world to the real one, hence the story's depiction of the older brother's reluctance to adventure and wonderment and favoring instead, to bury his head into his phone with a disgruntled murmur towards his excited younger sibling.

Bryce Dallas Howard is  Claire Dearing, the John Hammond-styled control-freak opportunist and park operations manager of Isla Nublar.
Jurassic World is rebuilt 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park. Everything in Jurassic World  screams with Jurassic Park references from the in-movie discovery of its distinctive ruins to the statue immortalizing John Hammond, then the quick cameo of the Mr. DNA. It was refreshingly sentimental.
Jurassic World's plot, progression of events, and character resemblances were strangely reminiscent of and coincided with Jurassic Park. J. World's base line echoes the ludicrous possibility of controlling dinosaurs to the whims of special interest parties and InGen, which often goes horribly wrong. In this movie, instead of horribly wrong, it was provocatively catastrophic.

InGen cooked up the first GMO dinosaur hybrid named Indominous Rex. GMO dinosaurs are prevalent on this Island, but this one tops them all. I. Rex surpassed their expectations to the point of it being a highly intelligent being, probably more intelligent than its creators themselves. In these movies, dinosaurs have a knack at proving the-powers-at-be to be utterly wrong at their greedy control of nature. Candid satire, if you will.

Owen Grady [Chris Pratt], a Velociraptor expert and trainer who trained his Raptors to respect him enough to not eat him exhibited a sense of a beloved-pet-and-his-owner relationship. When I.Rex escaped its "paddock" and began to terrorize Isla Nublar, Owen with much reluctance obeyed Vic, the head of park's security, to use the raptors to track down and kill I. Rex.

Owen set his raptors free to track down the dinosaur hybrid so the humans can destroy it, until I. Rex "ordered" the tracking raptors to attack the close following humans. Then, it was mayhem. Vic is eventually killed off by a raptor, as he is caught stealing dinosaur embryos for his master plan of creating dinosaurian super-weapons.

Owen, Claire and her two young nephews fled to the now deserted, but once populated park's "main street", if you will. Owen, now re-asserted himself as the alpha over his raptors, engaged his animals to attack the I. Rex, with all but one raptor being killed. With the situation becoming increasingly dire, Claire somehow escapes and frees T. Rex. When T. Rex comes out of his "paddock" following Claire to eventually defeating I. Rex- somehow, it is an emotional experience for me.



I have always liked T. Rex, and seeing him (or her?) barely defeating I.Rex with the help of the lone surviving raptor and the watery Mosasaurus, was iconic at its best. After all, T. Rex and the raptors made up for their destruction in Jurassic Park. 

Consensus? I was pleasantly surprised.